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2012 century-spanning German-American historical/contemporary/science-fiction drama about the individual lives and fates of various people throughout history and their impact on one another. Based on the novel of the same name by David Mitchell.

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Is the identity of the planet in the start and ending of Cloud Atlas canonically known?

In the start and ending of Cloud Atlas, Zachry (Tom Hanks) is shown on another planet, which has two moons and from which the Earth can be seen. Is there any canonical identity given to this planet? ...
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Are the stories connected by more than just marginal references?

The Cloud Atlas presents us with 6 seemingly different storylines across centuries of human history: a personal adventure ultimately ending in a statement against slavery. a personal tragedy about ...
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Shooting location for Cloud Atlas: where is this tower?

I would love to find out the name of this tower: It's in Cambridge, but that's about all I know. It's for a project. IMDB is pretty inconsequential. Is there a better website for finding film ...
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How does the 2012 storyline connect to the prior storylines in Cloud Atlas?

In Cloud Atlas, the timelines are not only connected mystically through reincarnation and imagery of past lives (broad explanation), but directly via stories transferred over time. Half of the ...
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Why was Sonmi important?

I have watched The Cloud Atlas many times, but still am completely perplexed as to why Sonmi is considered at all important to either the Union or Unanimity. At one point her love interest mentions ...
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Do Tom Hanks and Halle Berry meet on earth in Cloud Atlas?

Zachry (Tom Hanks) and Meronym (Halle Berry) meet in some possibly post-apocalyptic forest. And Meronym uses some kind of satellite dish to contact someone in space. Later they are shown not on earth, ...
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