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Questions tagged [civil-war]

A tag for “Civil War” (2024), the dystopian film written and directed by Alex Garland.

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In Civil War, which faction killed Sammy?

In the 2024 movie Civil War a group of soldiers killed Sammy and a bunch of other people, was it a U.S. or Western Forces soldier that did it?
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What was the exact timespan and period of the events and situation encapsulated in “Civil War?”

Alex Garland has been (purposefully) vague about timeline specifics of the film, Civil War (2024). But are there in-film clues as to how the situation in the U.S. degraded seemingly so quickly? I ...
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What was that glowing green thing that soldiers threw in the corridor of the White House in the final battle scene of “Civil War?”

In Alex Garland’s film, Civil War (2024), during the final battle scene at one point a soldier throws a glowing green thing in the corridor of the White House. This wasn’t a grenade or a flash-bang, ...
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