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Relates to the film by Orson Welles concerning the life of a newspaper owner, politician and magnate as presented through the eyes of an investigative reporter.

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What is the meaning of the opening scene in Citizen Kane?

In the opening scene of Citizen Kane, there are phantasmagoric scenes showing monkeys and in another a statue of a cat and in another a sort of ancient pyramid. What is the meaning of these strange ...
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Was "Rosebud" a real brand of sled?

In the film "Citizen Kane" young Kane owns a sled with the name "Rosebud". I have always assumed that the name was invented for the film, but I was recently reading "A Tree ...
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Has there ever been a drama film with an unreliable death scene confession?

This film is prompted by watching The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. In Venice, the crewman gasps "it was Grey, not Skinner", and dies. Various aspects of screenplay and score suggested ...
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How did anyone know Charles Kane's last words?

In the film "Citizen Kane", the entire plot revolves around a journalist attempting to find out the meaning of a billionaire's last words... "Rose Bud". However, at the beginning of the film - the ...
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What's with the "cockatoo jump scare" in Citizen Kane?

Youtube link to just before this "jump scare" happens According to the internet, this painfully loud screech was Welles' attempt to wake up the viewer. For me it was a complete immersion breaker in ...
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What is so good and unique about Citizen Kane?

Citizen Kane is the best movie on AFI's 100 YEARS...100 MOVIES, second best on BFI's The Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time and has score a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. But I for myself cannot comprehend ...
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In "Citizen Kane" does Bernstein purposely take a tumble into the newspaper office?

The "Citizen Kane" scene that shows Kane's first day at the newspaper includes a moment where Kane's assistant Bernstein enters the action by tumbling loudly into the room amid a collapsing pile of ...
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What is rosebud?

In the movie Citizen Kane, what is the significance of rosebud? Or is its insignificance a significance? Or has the director achieved what might sound similar to John Travolta's misdirection in the ...
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