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Cinematography is the art or science of motion picture photography.

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First appearance of the walk down a black hallway with evenly spaced circles of light?

What is the first film or television show to employ this trope: character walks away down a blackened hallway with overhead light fixtures creating evenly spaced circles of light on the floor? In ...
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First use of super-slow zoom in horror films to create tension

Here I'm not talking specifically about a "dolly zoom", first introduced by cinematographer Irmin Roberts in Hitchcock's Vertigo, but about the agonizingly slow zoom that you see not ...
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Is the change in camera handling, related to the characters state of mind?

In the movie Carnage 2011 by Roman Polanski, we see a gradual change in the camera handling style. When the film starts almost all the scenes are shot with fixed point camera view. But as gradually ...
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Are modern movies less saturated and darker in terms of lighting? What started this?

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this or if it is nostalgia tugging but it seems to me that modern movies are much more darkly lit than, let's say, 80's movies. Does anyone have anything to ...
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Origin of the side-view surprise car crash shot?

The most common form of the surprise car crash shot has the camera inside a moving car, with the frame showing the driver or a passenger in profile and (past them) a side window framing the world ...
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Who invented the "Run to the president" scene

In many movies you can find a scene where something big just happened and someone starts running to the president (or another important person) to report it. In that scene you can see a floor-near ...
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Textual vs material representation in Blade Runner cinematography

Do the cinematography techniques in Blade Runner use textual representation (image as text) or material representation (image as presence) in order to convey the themes or motifs of the film? I ...
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Is there a name for the side angle car crash scene?

I have seen this type of shot enough that I frequently expect to see it anytime a car shot shows a side angle profile of the driver. I've begun to see a push in the other way now almost in ...
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Was there a special kind of camera used for The Rise of Skywalker?

While watching The Rise of Skywalker I noticed many many shots where the camera would be looking at the characters/events from far away and then zoom in and re-angle itself onto the character or ...
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What is the difference between a focus mark and an actor's mark?

As I understand it, camera men generally discriminate between a "focus mark" and an actor's mark or "land". Is the idea that a land is just where the talent goes when they are not the subject, but a ...
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Was there any notable pushback against "dark" (lack of lighting) cinematography?

One of the most common "normal people" gripes I usually hear about TV shows and films is that directors love to shoot "dark" scenes (literally dark - there is not enough lighting to be able to see ...
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How did the camera pass through the window (and then back out) in The Book of Eli?

During The Book of Eli (2010) there is an extended gunfight scene where the camera passed through a window, pans around, and then goes back out the window. How was this achieved technically? If this ...
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Camera Movements in Roma

According to Alfonso Cuarón, the scene in which Cleo is turning off the lights contains 45 different camera positions. Why couldn't he do the scene simply with a 360-degree panning shot? Has he ...
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Camera manipulating actor's heights? (Chris Bauer height? The Wire vs For All Mankind)

I've started watching For All Mankind and was pleased to see Chris Bauer in a strong supporting role playing Deke Slayton. I hadn't seen him in anything since he played Frank Sobotka in The Wire In ...
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Why does Elementary often use shots which suggest that the protagonists are surveilled?

Observation Elementary seems to be overly fond of using shots that would normally suggest that the protagonists are surveilled, i.e., they have all or most of the following properties: They are ...
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