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Questions tagged [cinematography]

Cinematography is the art or science of motion picture photography.

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18 votes
3 answers

Zoom actor in while background out? How is this effect called and made?

I don't have a youtube link (I think "The shining" has such a scene), but you all probably know this effect, the actor is zoomed in by the camera while the background zoomed out, probably by zoom in ...
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Why do soap operas have the soap opera effect?

The soap opera effect occurs when frame interpolation is used. For example, if a movie is shot at 24 frames per second and then shown on a TV screen which is capable of displaying 60 frames per second ...
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How is dialog between two people filmed?

I was always wondering how dialog between two people is filmed. Suppose there are two people talking. The screen is switching between faces of the characters while they talk. How it is done in reality?...
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3 answers

Camera shot with close-up next to farther away standing person

While watching Final Destination 3 I noticed a very characteristic camera shot. At a scene where the main character, Wendy, sits in her room at the computer (watching the supposedly foretelling fotos),...
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What's usually the effective visual resolution of typical Hollywood Movies?

I'm really surprised by the quality of the visuals in some new movies this year (2018). I'm curious to know in what resolution these cameras typically record to experience this quality on a cinema ...
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44 votes
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What is this camera effect used in Hot Fuzz?

In this scene in Hot Fuzz (2007) the camera focuses on these two characters and rotates slowly, but the background rotates so fast. So what is this camera effect and how is it accomplished? Timeline ...
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35 votes
1 answer

How are some scenes for movies shot especially for iPhone viewing?

In his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Rami Malek discusses how certain scenes in No Time to Die (2021) were shot especially for the IMAX version. But he also mentioned that some are also shot ...
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Meaning of a movie shot type with too little of a leadroom

Sometimes in movies a character is shown in an interesting way. It's usually shot from a side and he or she is facing the frame with little to none of a space between their nose and the edge of the ...
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2 answers

When recording on film, how does the crew see the footage?

When recording on film, the crew cannot review the footage straight away, as film needs developing. In addition, the director cannot actually see what the camera is recording, as it is recording onto ...
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12 votes
4 answers

Time freezes and actors and things can be viewed from different angles. What is this special effect called and how is it made? [duplicate]

The music video for Avicii’s “Lonely Together” shows an effect previously seen in movies like “The Matrix”. What is it is called and how is it made?
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3 answers

Is the same camera used for TV series and movies?

Are the same cameras used for TV series and movies?
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Why are movies still shot on film? [duplicate]

Many modern big budget films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Interstellar and even some TV shows such as Breaking Bad are still shot on film. Directors such as Christopher Nolan and Quentin ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Lady in the Lake 1947 (Mirror Scene)

I came across a question linked here: How do they film the mirror scenes in movies? I found it interesting that most examples came from popular and from recent films. Here is a clip from Lady in the ...
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What is the name of this technique when the scene is morphed into something visually similar?

Like in the movie The World's End, there were some people sitting in the shape of a circle then the movie's name is shown gradually, the O letter is similar to the circle made by the people. I see ...
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Mirror shot without camera reflection in "Velvet Buzzsaw"

In the film Velvet Buzzsaw, there is a unique piece of reflective art, 'Sphere'. There are a couple of camera shots where we see the sphere, but the camera cannot be seen in the reflection: How are ...
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Origin of the side-view surprise car crash shot?

The most common form of the surprise car crash shot has the camera inside a moving car, with the frame showing the driver or a passenger in profile and (past them) a side window framing the world ...
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How was the time-freezed scene in the Matrix with the woman in the red dress shot?

At around minute 57 to 59, Morpheus explains to Neo that every citizen in the Matrix can become an agent like agent Smith, while everything else around them is frozen. How are these kind of scenes ...
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What's the first movie to have the "Michael Bay Spin" in it?

Michael Bay has made extensive use (some sites assert he has used it in "all of his movies") of a shot called by many the "Michael Bay Spin". Here's what it looks like: ...
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Why are both Blade Runner films largely shot in darkness?

I watched both the Blade Runner movies today. A few significant things I come across were that 90% of both of the movies' scenes are night scenes. Why did both the directors choose to direct so many ...
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Is there a name for the side angle car crash scene?

I have seen this type of shot enough that I frequently expect to see it anytime a car shot shows a side angle profile of the driver. I've begun to see a push in the other way now almost in ...
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What kind of camera trickery enables this "zoning out in shock" effect? [duplicate]

One of many memorable moments in the Babylon 5 sci-fi television series comes in the middle of Season 3 Episode 10, "Severed Dreams" (by itself this episode is chock full of dramatic, ...
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