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TV series about a computer geek who inadvertently downloads critical government secrets to his brain.

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What happened to George Fleming in Chuck?

In the episode 'Chuck versus the Alma Mater', Chuck has a flashback to his university days. One person featuring heavily in them was Professor George Fleming, his Stanford professor, who kicked Chuck ...
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Who manufactured the corrupt Intersect and deposited it in the castle?

In the finale of Chuck Season 4, Morgan finds a corrupted version of the Intersect in the box belonging to Chuck and uploads it to his brain. Who build those glasses? And who took it to the Castle? ...
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Why wasn't Shaw's intersect suppressed?

If Decker can suppress Volkoff/Hartley's intersect programming, and Mary Bartowski can do it for Chuck in season 4, why didn't Shaw's intersect just get suppressed using the blue images?
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Why did the intersect turn the Gretas into emotionless killers?

When the Gretas, Agent Richard Noble and Agent Victoria Dunwoody, had the intersect uploaded to them, they turned into mindless killers only able to follow protocol, which turned them into a serious ...
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Why didn't Chuck use the glasses after Morgan at the end of season 4?

In the last episode of season 4 (S04E24, "Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger"), Chuck has the "Intersect" suppressed from his memory. Later on, in the dying moments of the episode, Morgan Grimes puts on a ...
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Did we ever actually find out Sarah's full real name?

Throughout the series, we find that Sarah doesn't like discussing her past. This arc really comes into play during the episode where she meets up with an old college friend in the Orange Orange and ...
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8 votes
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Why does John Casey from Chuck have such admiration for President Ronald Reagan?

I'm not an American so someone from the US may be able to explain. Why does John Casey admire and keep photos of ex-President Ronald Reagan, I mean why that specific president, and not any other ...
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What happens with Chuck and Sarah?

I just saw the final episode of Chuck and I'm quite touched by the end. I assume it all ends well since Alex and Morgan are moving in together, Elli and Devon are moving to Chicago and it seems like ...
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