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If a child is in an 18+ movie, can they still watch it? [duplicate]

I was wondering if a child actor / actress is <18 and is in an 18+ (horror?) film, would they be allowed to watch this film at a premiere, or would they have to watch it with certain scenes omitted?...
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1 answer

Why do older actors play teenage roles?

In many films, I have seen that a lot of teenage characters are played by actors in their 20's. Two notable examples are: In Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire (26) plays an 18-year-old. In The Amazing Spider-...
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68 votes
3 answers

How do they get very young child actors to cooperate?

In films and TV episodes where the script calls for very young (toddler/pre-school aged) child actors in various scenes (doesn't matter the genre, I'm just asking generically), how do the studios or ...
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