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Who are the fathers of the chicks at the end of Chicken Run?

At the end of the film the chickens are on an island bird refuge, along with their chicks. Rocky is romantically involved with Ginger, and Fowler is presumably to old to procreate (otherwise, why was ...
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2 answers

How does Ginger escape the pie machine?

In Chicken Run we see that Rocky runs after Ginger into the pie machine and manages to hold on to some overhanging rod to escape the mincer. Does Ginger also escape the same way? Does that mean the ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Was Chicken Run inspired by any specific movies? If so, which?

In the 2000 film Chicken Run, we see a bunch of chickens attempting to escape their coop. The film draws obvious parallels to escapes from World War II PoW camps. Was there any specific prison camp ...
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Which escape attempt was "a bit of a fiasco" in Chicken Run?

In the opening scene of Chicken Run, we see a number of escape attempts. Later, when they are planning the 'chicken cannon-ball' escape (that never happens) Ginger says that the last attempt was "a ...
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What technology or method is used for the making of "Chicken Run"?

I have seen this animated movie called Chicken Run It seems like some form of clay puppets are used in this movie. So my question is: What technology is used in this movie? Is it pure animation or ...
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