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For questions about 2019 HBO miniseries Chernobyl.

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What does 'They're at four. It's not them.', referring to the nuclear power plant in Ignalina, mean?

I absolutely love Chernobyl (2019) and have watched it many times. But there is still one scene that I don't fully understand. In Episode 2, "Please Remain Calm", while trying to figure out ...
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Why were there two pages missing from the instruction manual?

In Chernobyl, there were two pages missing from the instruction manual, due to which workers were unable to perform last-minute things that may have prevented the meltdown. Why were the two pages not ...
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Professor Legasov superstition in Chernobyl

In the second episode of the series, professor Legasov is at a local bar drinking and the bartender unscrews the cap on a bottle of vodka and takes a upturned glass from the bar. Legasov points to one ...
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In HBO's Chernobyl, how does Professor Ulana know Lyudmila was pregnant?

When Professor Ulana Khomyuk visits the hospital in Moscow to talk to the plant workers, she sees Lyudmilla in her husband's room, inside the plastic, and inmediately goes nuclear (pun intended). When ...
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Why was there a "point of no return" in the Chernobyl series that ended in the meltdown?

In the Chernobyl series it is said that the two nuclear engineers had no alternative except for pressing the "AZ-5" button, couldn't they just insert the Boron rods back in one by one as ...
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What was the significance of the subplot involving Pavel in Chernobyl?

In HBO mini-series Chernobyl there is a subplot that spans 2(?) episodes involving a young draftee Pavel, played by Barry Keoghan. I'd say he's quite a famous actor but in the series he's just ...
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Why did Legasov hide his tape recordings?

In the first episode of Chernobyl (2019), Valery Legasov is seen hiding his tape recordings down an alleyway before returning to his home and (presumably) taking his own life. I can't find any ...
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Magic behind 3.6 roentgen/hour in Chernobyl TV series

I'm wondering about origins of this value that comrade Dyatlov said, "Not great, not terrible". The movie and some documentaries mention that they did not know or that they undervalued the danger of ...
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How does he know that it was graphite?

In Chernobyl season one episode two, we saw that when Valery Legasov and Boris Shcherbina were flying to the disaster zone by helicopter, Legasov was saying that there is graphite, but he saw only ...
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Why do the three workers have to go inside the power plant again?

I just watched Chernobyl Episode 2, and 3 heroic workers volunteer to sacrifice themselves and return to the power plant to take care of some water tanks. In episode 1, Anatoly gave the order for two ...
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Why did energy level drop after switching to global automatic control?

In the 5th episode of HBO's Chernobyl at (30:25), Akimov should lower the energy level to 700 MW. However, when reaching 700MW, the energy level of the reactor drops quickly to 512MW. Legasov ...
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Is HBO's Chernobyl accurate about the sequence of instructions causing reactor stall?

In the series finale of Chernobyl on HBO, Dyatlov orders Akimov and Toptenov to bring the reactor power down to 700 MW, as per the written test instructions, and then leaves the room without giving a ...
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What do the truck's loudspeakers say in HBO's Chernobyl?

Starting at about 1:22 in the trailer, an announcement starts broadcasting on repeat. It is presumably coming from the truck we see a couple of seconds later. What is this announcement?
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