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Charlie Chaplin was an English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer who rose to fame in the silent era.

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What is Charlie Chaplin's assembly line making in the eating machine scene of “Modern times”?

In the Charlie Chaplin film Modern times, Charlie Chaplin's character works in a factory at an assembly line. He's standing in front of a conveyor belt. The belt carries objects that look like a ...
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Did Charlie Chaplin fund and produce The Great Dictator alone?

I was told by a professor that teaches a Holocaust literature and film course that Charlie Chaplin had funded and produced The Great Dictator entirely on his own, because no other production company ...
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Chaplin was a composer too?

I was watching Limelight tonight and I noticed that Charlie Chaplin is credited as "Music". Does that mean he actually composed the music or did he just select it? Was he a composer as well as an ...
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Was Buster Keaton really Charlie Chaplin's rival?

I found a lot of materials recently researching on silent movies and one of them caught my attention. In the Brazilian wikipedia, an article about Buster Keaton says: [...] was an American actor ...
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