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Typically questions about a specific character in a movie/tv show.

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What significance does Mike Yanagita have in Fargo?

In the Coen brothers' movie Fargo (1996), the detective Marge Gunderson gets called by and meets an old schoolmate, Mike Yanagita. He tells her that he is widowed and tries to make a move on her. ...
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Was Edmond Dantès Actually a Traitor?

In the movie adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo (2002), Edmond Dantès lands at Elba, kills some British soldiers and knowingly accepts a letter from Napoleon Bonaparte. Whereas in the book he ...
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Mark's development of character in Operating Systems

Mark stays near the back of his Operating Systems class. He receives a note in class that is passed to him from the front. He then storms out and answers the professor's question accurately. Here is ...
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How do the differences between the replicants and Deckard evolve in Blade Runner?

In Blade Runner, replicant detection occurs via the subject's ability/inability to show advanced emotion. But early in the movie Deckard starts off as emotionless as the replicants. How do the ...
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Why isn't Bruce Willis's character in the Sixth Sense self-aware?

Why doesn't Bruce Willis's character realize he is dead? If I remember correctly, the plot takes place several months after he is killed. Shouldn't there have been some clues during that time? They ...
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Why wasn't the poltergeist Peeves in the Harry Potter movies?

In the Harry Potter book series, Peeves is a poltergeist that roams the hallways causing trouble. He never really adds anything essential to the plot line, but his scenes are amusing. Obviously they ...
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What's the purpose of Aurra Sing appearing in Star Wars Episode One?

In Star Wars Episode One, the bounty hunter Aurra Sing can be seen for a few seconds watching the pod race on Tatooine. She never reappears again in this episode or any other episodes, though later ...
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