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Film directed by Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks as a Fed Ex employee who survives a plane crash and makes a life for himself on a deserted island.

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Can anyone make sense of the Cast Away packages that were left on the island?

In Cast Away (2000), Chuck is flying west towards Malaysia, hits a storm, then crashes. Chuck finds a bunch of packages that seem to be headed for the US, the main angel wing package is for Texas. ...
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What does Oliver's joke in S01E14 about being trapped on an island with his only friend named Wilson mean?

In Arrow episode S01E14 Oliver makes a joke that he was trapped on an island and his only friend was named Wilson. What does this joke mean? People say that it is related to the Tom Hanks movie "Cast ...
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What is the content of the one un-opened package in "Castaway"?

I know that the package sympolizes the hope for Tom Hank's character to not give up and to give him a "mission": to survive and deliver the package. But I read somewhere (in a behind the scene ...
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2 questions about "Cast Away" [closed]

I have two question about the movie Cast Away: After a few days in the island, Chuck Noland's body was full of injuries and wounds. Why didn't any of them get infected? What is the meaning of the ...
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Why does Tom Hanks' character never open up the last package?

During his time on the island in Cast Away, Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) never opens up one last FedEx package, even though it could have made his escape or his survival easier. Why is this?
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How did the package save his life?

In the climax of Cast Away, Chuck (Tom Hanks) writes a note on the Fedex box which states that this package has saved his life. How exactly did that package save his life? If I am correct, he never ...
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