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Cars 2 is a sequel to 2006's Pixer film Cars, serves the continuation to the story of anthropomorphic cars and other vehicles shown in previous film.

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Why did they choose this as their code phrase?

In the animated movie Cars 2 the two agents shared this code phrase together so that they be sure the other one is an agent. Holley: A Volkswagen Karmann Ghia has no radiator. Finn: That's because it'...
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Is knowing Cars 2 required to fully enjoy Cars 3?

I have a DVD with the first Disney/Pixar Cars movie. My nearly 3 years old son watches it all over again. We did not see Cars 2. I'd like to take him to cinema for Cars 3. Are there many references ...
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What is the purpose of taxi-cabs and buses in Pixar’s 'Cars 2' movie?

I recently had the chance to watch Pixar’s Cars 2. Although the story is located in a pure imaginative universe, there is an issue that goes beyond any (even imaginative) logic. When the story is set ...
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What is Vitaly Petrov's racing number?

I never got a chance to see Vitaly Petrov's number in Cars 2. However, given the attention to detail that is given in this movie, I very much doubt that he hasn't been assigned one. Can you help me? ...
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Reference for 'headlight eyes' in Cars 2?

While watching Cars 2 (again) with my son yesterday, I was struck by the scene in which Mater meets a 'headlight seller' in the Parisian marketplace. In the scene, he approaches a car which appears ...
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Where did Doc Hudson go?

Is it ever implied anywhere exactly what happened to Doc Hudson between the events of Cars and Cars 2? At I've point one of the characters says something like "doc would've been proud of you". I ...
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