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2013 American thriller drama about the hijacking of a cargo ship by Somali pirates and the ensuing hostage crisis. Based on Richard Phillips' book A Captain's Duty which was in turn based on true events.

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Why no weapons aboard ship?

While my question regards piracy in general, the movie Captain Phillips is what brought it on due to it being a true story. My question is why in hell if you are going to drive a ship full of cargo ...
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What exactly was the pirates' plan?

In Captain Philips the four man team boards the ship. I'm struggling to understand how they originally intended to make their money. They couldn't hope to carry the cargo off in their little skiff ...
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Why was the family's viewpoint not shown in the movie?

At the beginning of Captain Phillips we see some scenes of him together with his wife Andrea, driving to the airport and talking about their children. Later his family is mentioned rather rarely, he ...
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How far does the depiction of the pirates' characters match the book?

The pirates that capture Captain Phillips seem to be given rather typical roles in the movie: There is Muse, the leader and voice of reason (compared to the others at least), struggling to keep ...
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What was Captain Phillips trying to say?

During Captain Phillips's hostage-taking aboard the lifeboat there is one incident (or one of many in fact) when the situation with the Navy and aboard the lifeboat is escalating a bit (I think after ...
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