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Calvary is a 2014 drama film directed by John Michael McDonagh, in which an Irish priest confronts the consequences of sexual abuse in the Church.

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Why would the bartender do this? [duplicate]

There are hints in 2014 Irish movie Calvary that the barman murdered Father James's dog, as explained in this question. Why would the barman do this? I did not notice prior to this event indications ...
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How is Father James related to Jesus Christ in the movie "Calvary" (2014)?

Jesus died on the cross to save humanity, but what did Father James die for? We see a parallel between the crucifixion of Christ and the death of James. The whole town goes against James before his ...
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What was the meaning of Fiona's visit to the killer in prison, in the last scene?

I've read the interesting question regarding the death of the priest's dog in the movie Calvary, and the discussion about that. The question I have is regarding the very last scene, in which the ...
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What does the antagonist hope to achieve by killing a priest?

In Calvary (which, on reflection after two viewings is less of a black comedy and more of a philosophical essay) the opening scene sets up the antagonist's intent to kill a good priest. He explains ...
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Who did that to the priest's dog?

In John Michael McDonagh's wonderful philosophical black comedy Calvary, a good priest receives a death threat during a confessional giving him a week to sort out his affairs. During the course of ...
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