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In this 1996 media satire directed by Ben Stiller, Chip Douglas (Jim Carrey) is a helpful cable TV technician with a dark side. After installing cable for customer Steve Kovacs (Matthew Broderick), Chip's delusional mind and desperate nature transforms a polite friendship into an out-of-control obsession.

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Did the murder trial going on in the Cable Guy have anything to do with Jim Carrey's character? If not then was it just for world-building?

So in the Cable Guy at various points in the movie there is footage of a murder trial in progress for a guy (played by Ben Stiller) who murdered his twin brother. My question is did any of that have ...
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How did Steven get bail in The Cable Guy?

In The Cable Guy Steven was arrested on the basis of stealing a big-screen TV, a deluxe karaoke machine and a THX-quality sound system. Then how did he get bail?
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Identify the movie that the rain scene in Cable Guy mimics?

The rain scene in Cable Guy seemed to be based of a scene from a classic movie, can anyone identify the original movie?
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