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What song is "I am from New York, I am from New York" in Brooklyn Nine Nine [closed]

Series: Brooklyn nine nine Season: 3 Episode: 23 Episode Title: Greg and Larry Scenario: In the episode with Bob Anderson, when the whole 99 squad comes out of hospital, they decide to disguise as ...
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Why is Brooklyn Nine-Nine not on Netflix despite the announcement?

I've read before that Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine should be released on Netflix in March 2020 in multiple countries, including the Czech Republic:
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Is the phrase "Zowie, I'm young!" a reference?

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6, Episode 8, title He Said, She Said, Captain Holt says the phrase Zowie, I'm young! to Terry and Boyle upon discovering the Disco Strangler is still alive (around ...
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Why was Wuntch not aware of Holt being gay?

In Brooklyn Nine-Nine series 2 episode 2, Holt explains that his enmity with Wuntch started in 1989, allegedly when he didn't respond to her sexual advance by saying he was gay. However, in series 1 ...
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Why doesn't Captain Holt have his rainbow flag in the New Girl crossover

Captain Holt is openly gay in Brooklyn 99 and has a rainbow flag on his desk: In 4th episode in season 6 of New Girl "homecoming", we see the main part of the crossover episode with ...
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Where did Brooklyn Nine-Nine get Boyle's lookalike?

The character Bill (played by Winston Story) really does have an uncanny resemblance to Charles Boyle (played by Joe Lo Truglio). I know that the Brooklyn Nine-Nine production do sometimes work off-...
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What does "promotional consideration" at the end credits mean?

At the end of every (or most) Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes there is a "Promotional consideration furnished by Apple" message shown during the credits. Does that mean that Apple pays for the product ...
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How does everyone know where Rosa lives?

At the end of the Brooklyn Nine Nine episode "Game Night", Jake and the rest of the guys show up at Rosa's apartment. How does everyone know where Rosa lives? Isn't that supposed to be a secret?
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What were the "n-drink Amy" (Amy's personas after drinking)?

In Brooklyn-99, Amy's personality was undergoing radical change with alcohol. Gina, Amy's friend was calling that "one-drink Amy", "two-drink Amy" etc. Each of those "n-drink Amys" were different - ...
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Who is the third Detective with Scully and Hitchcock?

In episode 1 (pilot) of Brooklyn Nine Nine, Terry is running through each of the detectives with Holt. He starts with Scully and Hitchcock, and one other detective. After that, she is never seen ...
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Why is there a box in Detective Charles Boyle's pants?

15 minutes into the Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode "Cheddar" (s3, e18), Charles is lying on a coffee table, which then collapses. It's obvious he has a rectangular box or book in the seat of his ...
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