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Steven Spielberg's 2015 historical drama based on the true story of lawyer James B. Donovan's (Tom Hanks) work to negotiate the prisoner exchange of suspected KGB spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) for two Americans - Pilot Francis Powers and graduate student Frederic Pryor. Rylance received the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for this role.

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Is the movie Bridge of Spies really based on real event?

Is the movie Bridge of Spies really based on real event? Can anybody give me some kind of reference of this event in any book or Wikipedia article? I would like to confirm it myself.
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Why did James Donovan not stay at the Hilton in Bridge of Spies?

In Berlin, the CIA folks seemed to stay in the comfortable hotel while they made Tom Hanks's character stay in a gross, cold, run-down hideout.
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What did the German street thugs say to Donovan when they stole his coat?

In Bridge of Spies, there is a scene where James Donovan runs into some street thugs in East Berlin, who eventually demand his coat in exchange for directions to the embassy. There are no subtitles ...
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Were these films actually available in Germany during the time represented in "Bridge of Spies"?

As Bridge of Spies builds toward its climax, there is a scene in front of a Berlin 'cineplex' which is showing four films (titles translated to English)... One, Two, Three Spartacus The Damned (...
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What was the purpose of Abel's family being sent to meet Donovan in Bridge of Spies?

In Bridge of Spies, Jim Donovan meets Rudolf Abel's family in East Berlin. Who was behind these people putting on this act? And what was their purpose in arranging for them to put this act on? ...
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Why does the pilot unbuckle his harness?

In Bridge of Spies a spy plane pilot is shot down over Russian airspace. At the start of that sequence the pilot decides to unbuckle his harness, even though he is being jostled around in the cockpit, ...
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The message received by Abel before his capture

During the first few minutes of the Bridge of Spies, Abel is seen receiving and decoding a secret message. He smartly destroys the evidence during his capture by the FBI agents. What was that message ...
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Why didn't Gary Powers use the cyanide in the coin?

In Bridge of Spies, Gary Powers is given a coin with a cyanide needle hidden in it, to be used in case of capture. But after his plane is shot down, we simply see him being in the custody of USSR ...
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