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Why was the time frame compressed in Breathe?

The 2017 film Breathe is a biographical film about Robin Cavendish, the longest lived responaut (one who is permanently dependent on a ventilator to breathe) in Britain, dying at the age of 64 in 1994....
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Why did the piece of paper have "C - 16" written in it?

In the last episode of Breathe: Into the Shadows (season 1), J, the split of Avinash Sabharwal, gives a piece of paper to Shirley as she is about to walk away. Later in that episode she is seen ...
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Who are the rest of the victims supposed to be?

In Breathe Season 2 aka Breathe: Into the Shadows, J wanted Avinash to kill 10 people based on the emotions of the ten heads of Ravana, which were: Anger, Lust, Fear, Betrayal, Ego, Attachment, ...
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