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1985 film by Terry Gilliam. A man dreams of escape from a dystopian world ruled by unyielding bureaucracy.

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"Brazil" reference in "The Last Jedi"?

Am I crazy or was there a reference to Terry Gilliam's Brazil in The Last Jedi? It was either in the scene where Poe is being escorted off the bridge or when Finn and Rose were being dragged to jail, ...
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Who was behind the bombings in Brazil?

Did I completely miss something, or did they really not explain who was behind the terrorist bombings in the film 'Brazil'? At first it's suspected to be the female truck driver, but then it is ...
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Did Brazil carry a disclaimer about its uncomfortably loud volume?

My father claims that Brazil was shown in theaters with uncomfortably high volume, and carried a disclaimer to that effect. I can find no claim of this online, including in reviews from the original ...
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7 votes
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How does Tuttle actually disappear?

In Terry Gilliam's epically dystopian film, Brazil, the character of Frank Tuttle (played by Robert De Niro) makes a mysterious getaway after fixing Sam Lowry's air-conditioning unit. After zip-...
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Is the ending of Brazil a nod to An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge?

I was thinking of the ending of An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, and was thinking of ways it could be modernized, and suddenly the ending of Brazil popped into my head. Now, I haven't seen Brazil ...
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