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The Bourne series is a series of action thriller films revolving around the character of Jason Bourne. Use this tag in combination with the individual film tags.

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Why does Nicky know nothing about Bourne's mission at Berlin?

The Bourne Supremacy background: Bourne assassinated Russian politician Vladimir Neski at Berlin long time ago but he couldn't remember full detail and recently been framed for killing 2 CIA people at ...
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Why would Abbott risk exposing the details about Treadstone to an outsider?

I find the imdb answer isn't quite plausible. When Landy first confronts Abbott about Treadstone, he gets into panic and couldn't believe Landy has traced the fingerprint to Treadstone. Why would ...
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How does Pamela Landy conclude that Ward Abbott had Conklin killed?

After CIA Deputy Director Pamela Landy gets access to Treadstone files in The Bourne Supremacy, how does she conclude that Ward Abbott had Conklin killed? I think that if Abbott wanted to clean it up, ...
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Has Jason Bourne been more dangerous to US assets than enemies?

In Jason Bourne, Director Dewey states that Bourne made 32 kills for the Treadstone program. I'm unsure if this includes the hooded man in a chair as part of his recruitment. Throughout the movies, ...
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Did Young Justice purposely reference The Bourne series?

In Young Justice S01E16 aka Failsafe, during the simulation when they send Superhero and soldiers from Hall of Justice to Mount Justice, when Superboy sent the first soldier in transportation, ...
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