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In "Boston Legal," how can some of the clients afford to pay their fees?

All the lead characters are employed by a prominent Boston law firm that deals in multi-million-dollar lawsuits and takes on huge corporations. The expenses must be through the roof, not to mention ...
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1 answer

Alan Shore, embezzler?

Alan Shore from Boston Legal and The Practice was sometimes described as having embezzled money from a previous job. Have any details been given about this? It seems out of character for him. He was ...
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2 answers

Where's the old footage in Boston Legal S03E18 from?

In Boston Legal Series 3, Episode 18, Son of the defender Denny Crane and others are taken hostage. The hostage taker turns out to be the son of a woman murdered by a man who Denny got off the charges ...
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Who is Denny Crane supposed to be in the costume party in S03e13?

In Boston Legal episode 13 of Season 3 "Dumping Bella", there's a costume party at the end of the episode. Denny Crane comes dressed in some sort of hunting uniform and when asked he quotes: ...
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12 votes
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Why doesn't Alan Shore contest for partnership?

In Boston Legal Alan Shore is an excellent attorney who brings in loads of cash, has sued and won against the tobacco industry and various government branches. He has been to the Supreme Court and won ...
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