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What is Arthur referring to when he says "This is where it capsized"?

In the movie Bone Tomahawk, Arthur has managed to get near the hillside cave of the "troglodytes" and says to himself something like, "This is where it capsized." He may have been ...
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What is the historic origin of these Indian burial grounds?

I've recently watched two movies that feature the Indian burial ground as a plot point, however in these two films they both actually show a physical burial ground, which appears to be made up of ...
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Why did the troglodytes come to Bright Hope?

The movie Bone Tomahawk (2015) is about a tribe of Native American cannibals who kidnap a local woman and deputy from an old west town Bright Hope, prompting a search and rescue party by the sheriff ...
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Where are the spoons?

In Bone Tomahawk, when Sheriff Franklin's wife recovers from her convalescence after her bout with pneumonia and cooks breakfast, she complains that she can not find what the sheriff has done with the ...
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What is Bone Tomahawk based on?

What is the movie Bone Tomahawk based on? Who are the cannibals in the movie? Is there a historic reference to these cannibals?
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How realistic was the communication between the troglodytes?

I saw the rather fascinating Bone Tomahawk recently. In it, a group of troglodytes kidnap a few people, leading to a suspenseful chase across the arid country in search of them and their victims. ...
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