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What's the meaning of "giving this two blocks"?

In Bombshell (2019), Fox News Anchor Gretchen speaks on TV: Gretchen: I can't let you go without talking about Donald Trump. Megyn speaks to Fox News CEO Roger: Megyn: Gretchen's giving this ...
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Why did Kayla hide this photo on the desk?

In Bombshell (2019), Kayla saw a photo of Jess Cara on Cara's desk and decided to hide it: Kayla: Are you crazy? Jess Cara: What? Kayla: That's my friend from college. Jess Cara: I'...
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What does "The Revenant" mean?

In Bombshell (2019), after several women accused Roger for sexual harassment, Geraldo spoke to an author Neil Cavuto: Geraldo: Look, I've known him for 40 years, and he's about as flirty as the ...
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