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Do we know who is that woman in Bojack Horseman? Let's find out!

In the sweet BoJack Horseman - "It gets easier" (Season 2 Ending) YouTube video with the Jogging Baboon, the top 6.7K comment is: RIP to the baboon's wife - you see her running with him at ...
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How old is Mr Peanutbutter?

The BoJack Hoseman wiki lists Mr Peanutbutter's birthday as August 20, 1969. But on Wikipedia is lists it as August 20, 1968. I'm wondering how this information was gotten? Was it ever mentioned in ...
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What does Bojack Horseman tell us about the responsible way to be accountable for your past?

In S6:E11 of Bojack Horseman, after Bojack gets out of rehab, he is threatened with the possibility of reporters exposing past misdeeds of his. At timestamp 4:00: Diane: "What did you do this ...
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Are there any hints about the content of the Hollyhock letter?

After Hollyhock, BoJack's half-sister finds out that he got a teenage girl drunk and then just dumped her at the hospital with alcohol poisoning, she starts to avoid him. Finally, after the disastrous,...
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Are the characters in BoJack Horseman really anthropomorphic?

I just started watching BoJack Horseman(Season 1 Episode 1) and noticed when a character asked BoJack if he was drunk, he said "I weigh over 1200 pounds." He certainly doesn't look like he weighs that ...
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Are the first two episodes of season 4 of Bojack Horseman borrowing plots from films?

I just watched the first two episodes of season 4 of BoJack Horseman (TV Series 2014–), and the plots seemed very elaborate, specific, and only including the series' characters in a plug-in fashion. ...
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"true love and Munich olympic..." what does this reference in S01E05 mean?

I would like to know when Bojack horseman told Diana Nguyen, that was telling about closure, made up by Spielberg, it doesn't exist in real world. The only thing is to keep living forward. Can anybody ...
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