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What uniform does Frank Regan Wear?

In Blue Bloods, Frank wears a uniform on occasion. In real life, the NYPD commissioner is a civilian and doesn't have a uniform. So, either in the canon of blue bloods, the PC has a uniform or he is ...
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Why do detectives Regan and Baker wear the "08" precinct number if they're not from there?

In the TV show Blue Bloods, the characters of Det. Regan and Det. Baker wear "08" insignia on their dress uniforms denoting the precinct they belong to. Is there a canon or real-world NYPD ...
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How can separate multiple endings in Blue Bloods work?

The show Blue Bloods has four distinct characters it follows: Frank, the PC; Danny, the detective; Erin, the lawyer; and Jamie, the street cop. Each of these characters has their own plot in every ...
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Did Tom Selleck threaten to quit Blue Bloods when executives pushed to remove the prayer from Sunday meals?

I heard that executives were attempted to cut the saying of grace from Blue Bloods. Tom Selleck refused to accept this cut, and he even threatened his role as Frank Reagan over it. I couldn't find ...
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NYC Police Codes in Blue Bloods 10-13?

The cast often refers to situations using Police codes, most of which I was able to dig up here. But I came across this piece of IMDb Trivia on Blue Bloods that states: In the standard 10-code, 10-...
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Is Blue Bloods based off of a real family?

Is the series Blue Bloods based off of a real-life family of law enforcement officers? Since I haven't been able to find a reference to the same. And was the series named as a reference to nobility (...
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