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On the TV show Blindspot, have they ever explained the source of the knowledge behind the tattoos?

The premise of the show is that amnesiac Jane Doe has been copiously covered with tattoos by one or conspirators and delivered into the hands of an FBI team. Each week the team "solves" the puzzle of ...
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What happened to Sophia Varma?

At the beginning of the series Blindspot, Sophia Varma was a high-ranking government official as well as Bethany Mayfair's lover and coconspirator in the illegal operation Project Daylight. Believed ...
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What did agent Patterson study to have those skills? [closed]

In the blindspot serie, there is an special agent called: Patterson Her job is help to the team from it's laboratory(at the beginning). She seems to have a high knowledge about: Hacking App ...
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Who was the man making the phony phone call?

I am watching the TV series Blindspot and I am currently on episode S02E13. If you have not watched until S02E09 then please do not read forward if you want to avoid spoilers. In S02E09 a man makes a ...
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Why doesn't anyone from Kurt Weller's team wear a helmet when out on the field?

I have observed these many times in the first and second seasons of Blindspot: Why doesn't anyone from Kurt Weller's team wear a helmet when out on the field? All other FBI soldiers/officers are in ...
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Blindspot Anagram Clues

I read this article a while back that said that from episode 11 to episode 23 of blindspot the titles of the episodes will be anagrams with a hidden message. (Previous titles were anagrams too but ...
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Why isn't Jane Doe's face covered in tattoos?

In the series Blindspot, Jane Doe's body is covered from her top to her feet except for her face. Why wasn't her face tattooed by the bad guy? I can understand that they left her face untouched to ...