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Why does the police chief pick Ron Stallworth to be David Duke's police escort?

In BlacKkKlansman, when David Duke comes to Colorado Springs, the police chief assigns Ron Stallworth to be his police escort. Why?? Duke needs a police escort because there have been threats of ...
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1 answer

Why did Ron want his picture taken with Duke and Jesse?

In Blackkklansman, Ron Stallworth, assigned as security detail to David Duke during his visit to Colorado Springs, asks Duke to have his picture taken with him because "nobody's gonna believe me ...
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How did Brother Kwame's words almost make that 'whole pig' (white cops) nightmare worthwhile?

In BlacKkKlansman (2018), both eating, Patrice speaks to Ron Stallworth: Patrice: When we dropped Brother Kwame off at the airport, he told me that the Black Power movement needed strong sisters ...
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Why does Dr. Kennebrew Beauregard utter gibberish in the middle of his speech?

In BlacKkKlansman (2018), after the opening scene of Gone with the Wind, Dr. Kennebrew Beauregard appeared on the screen and gave a speech: Is the final nail in a black coffin towards America ...
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What is the significance of the opening scene of BlacKkKlansman

The opening scene shows wounded confederate soldiers lying on the ground. The camera pulls back and upwards revealing more and more soldiers - as far as the eye can see. A woman walks among them ...