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How does the mobile signal issue get resolved?

In Blackhat (2015) at about 32 minutes into the movie, Mr. Jessup tries to call Mrs. Barret but is unable to call her. He uses an Android phone. The hacker offers help and he enables roaming and then ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What happened to the money in Blackhat?

I'm a little late here, I didn't see Blackhat in theatres. Why did he only have about 50 million dollars in the bank at the end? He took 78 million dollars from that bad guy! They should have ...
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1 vote
1 answer

What exactly happened to Chen Dawai?

I saw Blackhat (2015) yesterday and was a bit confused about that part. Warning, spoilers ahead: How exactly did Chen Dawai (the friend of Nick Hathaway aka Chris Hemsworth) die? Was the car rigged ...
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16 votes
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How realistic is the hacking depicted in Blackhat?

The movie Blackhat (2015) shows professional hackers sabotaging an atomic reactor and the stock market, as well as counterhackers trying to get on the blackhat's trail, finding out their identity. As ...
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