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Taskmaster's fighting style

In the movie Black Widow there is an enemy fighter called Taskmaster. It is said that Taskmaster can mimic the fighting style of everyone they see. I noticed them mimicking Captain America's shield ...
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Can anybody identify this painting from Black Widow?

This painting is hanging in Dreykov's office in Black Widow... Is this a famous painting? Can anybody identify it and shed some light on what it contributes to the scene there? This painting features ...
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What happened to Black Widow, and what did it have to do with Hawkeye?

In a post-credit scene in the new MCU film, Black Widow (2021), someone tells Yelena that Black Widow was killed by Hawkeye. Can someone explain this to me? I don't recall anything like this ...
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Did Taskmaster actually adopt others' fighting skills?

In Black Widow, Taskmaster is noted for her ability to adopt (or mimic) fighting skills. Throughout the movie, she displays fighting skills similar to that of many Avengers characters. However, in ...
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