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Why's this US Army soldier knocking his rifle magazine against his helmet? [closed]

What's he doing at 1:52? Why whop his M16A4 magazine at all? And why his head? Why not wallop it against the ground? It's dangerous to conk your head in general.
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Why didn't the Army Rangers use scoped rifles?

I refer not to weapons that usually has default iron sights like the M249. I'm uncertain if the M16A4 could've been mounted with a forward scope in 1993. If yes, why didn't the Army Rangers scope ...
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How far from reality is 'Black Hawk Down' when a Delta sergeant carries an unsecured weapon during a barbecue?

In a scene from the film Black Hawk Down the soldiers are having a barbecue at the base, and while grabbing some salad a Delta operator is confronted by a Ranger about his "hot" weapon (safety off and ...
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Explain meaning of this quote in Black Hawk Down

Before the Battle of Mogadishu, during a dinner scene, Steele comes up to Hoot and asks him what's going on. Hoot replies: "Oh, just some aerial target practice, sir. Didn't want to leave it behind." ...
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