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2014's black comedy film about a faded Hollywood actor who was famous for his superhero character Birdman.

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How did they manage to make Birdman look like one single shot?

In Birdman there are some techniques for making it all look like a single shot that I've picked up on which are quite obvious, such as the camera turning upwards towards the sky and then having it ...
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Riggan arriving in cab at the theater

In the movie Birdman (2014), could you also explain the scene when we see Riggan jumping off a roof (when a man comes to stop him and asks if he knows where he wanted to go), flying above the city ...
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How come the underlying theme of Birdman is being seen as redemptive, rather than sealing the character's fate as a failure?

While several aspects of Birdman (2014) have been discussed and debated, with some people agreeing and others disagreeing with the merits of the continuous structure of the film, the (lack of) ...
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Why is Birdman subtitled The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance?

Birdman is a movie about a theater play that tells a lot about movies, movie stars, actor and Hollywood. I wonder why it is subtitled The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance. Is it meant as ... ...
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Why is there an asteroid scene at the beginning and at the end of Birdman?

Why is there is an asteroid scene at the beginning and at the end of the movie Birdman? Did that asteroid strike Riggan and give him the power to fly?
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Birdman and In Bruges, dream sequence reference

Something is been bugging me since I saw Birdman. when they were discussing about the budget and Galifianakis complained that the reserve is gone on the trees, Keaton replied its for a dream sequence ...
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Why did Riggan Thomson choose to end his play that way?

The Broadway play that ex-Birdman Riggan Thomson is about to stage ends with the protagonist, played by Thomson, shooting himself in the head with a gun. And at the end of the actual premiere Riggan ...
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Is 'Birdman' the first movie to use the long take technique for events not occuring in real time?

Except for a few seconds in the beginning and the end, the movie 'Birdman' appears as a continuous long take. The only other movie I can think of like that was Hitchcock's 'Rope' (1946). But in ...
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What happened at the end of Birdman?

Birdman is a very innovative movie. The cinematography alone is brilliant, capturing the spirit behind the scenes at a Broadway Theatre. And the screenplay seems, in part, an interesting view of ...
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What was the telekinesis about in Birdman?

My girlfriend and I were just watching "Birdman" and had to leave early because she had a seizure. I don't often go to films and it's not out on DVD, so I'm wondering if someone would mind telling me ...
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Was "Birdman" and/or "Riggan Thomas" written for Michael Keaton?

Some elements of Birdman seem custom-fit to the actor Michael Keaton: He plays Riggan Thomas, an actor who is about 25 years removed from a blockbuster role as a superhero, just like Michael Keaton ...
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Why was Birdman on limited release?

Michael Keaton's Birdman had great reviews and opened in 4 theaters to a record per screen. The following week 50 screens, then 250 (according to mojo) It cost $22m and as of early Nov has earned $...
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