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Do commoners get money from staying in Bigg Boss?

In Indian reality show Bigg Boss, in past few years, they give commoners to also participate with celebrities to compete for the winning titles. But it's a common knowledge that celebrity gets money ...
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Why did Bigg Boss take a long gap between season 2 and season 1?

The Indian reality show Bigg Boss was a big hit when it premiered on Sony in 2006 which concluded in January 2007. But to my surprise, Bigg Boss 2 was aired on a different network channel on 17 August ...
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Why is Bigg Boss written with two Gs'?

Bigg Boss is Hindi adaptation of Big brother. There are also regional adaptations to the same show with language name at the end. But my question is why it is written Bigg with two gs' in the name? In ...
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Why is the Big Brother called Bigg Boss in India?

The Dutch show Big Brother is called Bigg Boss in India. It is legally owned by the same company. I think it is because the Indian audience might not understand what Big Brother really means in ...
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