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1986 Movie - Action/Adventure/Comedy - Starring Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, & Dennis Dun. Directed by John Carpenter. Truck driver Jack Burton helps retrieve two green eyed women from the villainous David Lo Pan in the San Francisco supernatural underground, while battling demons, monsters, and magic.

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What is the meaning of Jack Burton's words to Margo in truck?

In Big Trouble in Little China, Jack Burton says these words to Margo in the truck during the final scenes: Margo: What was that? Jack Burton: 6.9 on the Richter scale. There is no Richter ...
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How is Jack Burton very sure about the marks?

In Big Trouble in Little China, Jack Burton and his Asian Friend Wang are trying to find Maio Yin in the building. They are disguised as telephone guys to enter into the Building. At one point, Jack ...
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Why is Kurt Russell depicted as a Giant in this poster for Big Trouble in Little China?

Kurt Russell's character Jack Burton was fully human in Big Trouble in Little China. Then why he is shown so large in movie poster? Is it for marketing the film on the name or Kurt or there is ...
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Big Trouble In Little China Ending

Yesterday I watched Big Trouble in Little China for the third time in a week. What a hidden gem this film is! Anyway my question is why did Jack Burton refuse to kiss Gracie at the end? he has ...
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Was Jackie Chan In Big Trouble In Little China?

I was watching Big Trouble In Little China (1986) again today and during the fight scene in the beginning of the movie. I noticed this guy who [to me] looks exactly like Jackie Chan. I looked through ...
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