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For questions about Better Call Saul, a prequel to Breaking Bad focusing on the rise of Saul Goodman, criminal attorney.

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Why does Chuck ask people that enter his house if they have 'grounded themselves'?

On the show Better Call Saul, when someone enters Chuck's house, he asks Ground yourself? By which he means to leave watches, mobile phones et cetera outside of the house. Also, he doesn't have ...
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Does Better Call Saul contain Breaking Bad spoilers?

I'm one of those people who has a Breaking Bad box set they've not yet got around to watching... although I intend to soon. Somehow, I've managed to avoid all Breaking Bad spoilers beyond "the ...
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Why does Gus want the cartel to find Nacho?

In Better Call Saul S06E01 ("Wine and Roses"), Gus arranges a motel for Nacho to hide and orders him to stay put. In S06E02 ("Stick and Carrot"), thus leading them to his location....
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Homeland - possible "Better Call Saul" series reference

I've recently finished watching the fifth season of Homeland whose fifth episode is entitled Better Call Saul, which of course is Saul Berenson's first name, one of the main characters of the show ...
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Why not have assassins kill Nacho at Lalo's house?

In Better Call Saul it is clear that Gus wants Nacho dead, dead before he can be forced to talk to the Salamancas. Why not simply have him killed when he opened the gate to Lalo's hacienda? The very ...
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Saul Goodman's Second Wife

In Breaking Bad season 3 episode "Green Light", Saul mentions: "I caught my second wife screwing my stepdad, okay? It's a cruel world, Walt." In Better Call Saul, I have not seen ...
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Call Sauls phone number seems real?

In season 3 episode 5 in the opening credits there is a shot of a bus bench with a Better Call Saul and the phone number is (505) 503-4455, instead of a 555 number, anyone ever call Saul?
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At what point in Better Call Saul does the first scene of Breaking Bad take place in?

At what point in Better Call Saul does the first scene of Breaking Bad take place? I am not talking about the flash-forward scene that the first episode (pilot?) starts with, which is Walter White in ...
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When did Gus start taunting Hector?

In Better Call Saul it seems like Gus started taunting Hector even before Hector could communicate and if so, did he not tip his hand? In On the other hand, if Gus started to taunt Hector early, his ...
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Did Mike Ehrmantraut ever laugh? Or even come close to it?

Guessing that interacting with his niece Kaylee might be the only time he lets down his guard, I found a Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul mashup on YouTube where Ehrmantraut smiles seemingly to himself. ...
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Why did Nacho deviate from the plan by grabbing Bolsa?

In Better Call Saul S06E03 "Rock and Hard Place", the fundamental idea was, to do what was agreed upon with Fring and his father will be protected -- anything would seem to jeopardize that ...
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Why don't we see Lyle from BCS in BB? [closed]

There's this character in Better Call Saul named Lyle, who is a Los Pollos Hermanos employee, and who is not in Breaking Bad. Last I checked, I think we'd expect Lyle to still be alive and continue ...
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