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2017 American fantasy movie directed by Bill Condon and produced by Walt Disney Studios. Based on Disney's 1991 animated film of the same name.

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Why is Belle the only Disney Princess who hasn’t been made Queen in the remakes? [closed]

All the Disney Princesses that got their films remade have been made queen: Cinderella, Aurora, Jasmine (Sultan). But why hasn't Belle been made queen?
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Which is the first movie to show movie right after production logo without cuts?

While I was watching Sunshine (2007), Rings (2017) & Beauty and the Beast (2017). I noticed that the movie starts right after intro of production logo without any cuts. For example: Beauty and ...
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How come the Beast was able to save Belle from the wolves?

After the "Be Our Guest" number, Belle goes to the West Wing where she finds the enchanted rose. But the Beast appears and scares her away, angry that she might have caused another petal to fall. Yet, ...
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Did the castle's enchanted staff gain magical powers after the curse?

In Beauty and the Beast (2017) the castle's enchanted staff welcomes Belle for dinner in a great fantasy way. I just can't describe it. It can be achieved with fantasy powers only. Did the castle's ...
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What is the significance of the scene between Mrs. Potts and Maurice at the end of Beauty and the Beast?

In Beauty and the Beast (2017), there is a knowing look at the end between Mrs. Potts and Maurice who does a double take back at her. What was that about?
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What is the piece of furniture in the new Beauty and the Beast?

In the film there is a piece of furniture that is white and is shaped kinda wiggly. It appears in Belle's room and behind the singer at the end of the movie. What is it?
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Why Flags are replaced with statue on disney logo building?

In Beauty and the Beast (2017), During opening scenes, Disney Logo used to have flags on building but this movie showed differently with statue of some winged man with spear in his hand on top of the ...
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Who are Gaston's "five hangers-on"?

In the song "Gaston", it is said that the eponymous character has "five hangers-on". I imagine LeFou, Tom, Dick and Stanley are part of them? Who are Gaston's 'five hangers-on'?
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How come the Beast allows Belle to ride off through the woods ridden with wolves to rescue her father?

In the movie Beauty and the Beast, the path between the village and the cursed castle is ridden with blood-thirsty wolves who pound upon whoever passes through. This happened multiple times e.g. ...
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How come Maurice didn't use his horse Philippe to go back to Villeneuve?

When Belle takes her father's place in the Beast's "prison cell", Maurice is dragged out by the Beast. The next time we see him is in the tavern at the village, and he doesn't have his horse : when he ...
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Poem that Belle reads in Beauty and the Beast

After Belle reads the William Sharp poem "A Crystal Forest" in the 2017 Beauty and the Beast, she goes on to read a second poem with something along the lines of For in that solemn silence is ...
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In the new Beauty and the Beast (2017) how often does a petal fall?

In Beauty and the Beast (2017 film), a petal is seen falling pretty often, but there are only so many petals on a rose and considering it's been about 10 years. I'm confused as to how often a petal ...
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What is the name of the poem Belle reads out?

In one of the scenes from Beauty and the Beast (2017), they are both walking around the castle grounds outside in daylight as she reads a poem aloud about winter/snow/ice. I can't really remember any ...