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Questions tagged [battleship]

Battleship is a 2012 American action, adventure, sci-fi film, directed by Peter Berg, and stars Alexander Skarsgard, and Brooklyn Decker. An advanced alien attack force threatens Earth, and it’s up to a smaller Naval force to save the day.

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What was the significance of the alien letting the scientist in glasses go in Battleship?

In the 2012 movie Battleship there is a scene where an alien captures a scientist that has infiltrated an alien installation with the intent of sabotaging their efforts, and appears to scan his ...
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Why did Hopper smile when Admiral Shane said he will have chicken burrito?

In Battleship (2012), after the award ceremony. Hopper went to Admiral Shane to take permission to marry his daughter (Sam), but he denied and said he will have "Chicken Burrito". ...
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Where did the live ammo for the Missouri come from in the climactic battle of Battleship?

The final battle in Battleship (2012) brings the WWII battleship "Missouri" hilariously into play against the alien mothership. They wave away the fact that the boat is operational and fueled with a ...
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Is Battleship really an anti-war movie in disguise?

At first glance, Battleship appears to be a fairly run-of-the-mill action blockbuster where plucky humans defeat scary aliens using cunning and cleverness rather than overwhelming force. The audience ...
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What does this necklace represent in Battleship?

In more than one scene of Battleship, various officers are wearing some sort of necklace, apparently permissible additions to the uniform. They are of several different designs. What are they, and ...
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Why do the aliens see things as green or red?

In Battleship, the aliens wear helmets that enhance their vision by highlighting things in either green or red. It is quite clear that green things are deemed harmless while red things are threats. ...
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