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How do Frank, The Mother, and others in the basement get food and water?

In Barbarian, Frank seems to be bedridden. And while The Mother is able to get out, she doesn't seem to have sufficient intelligence to get food and water. (The Mother is depicted as more animal than ...
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2 answers

What's the deal with the music for the Barbarian movie?

I found a YouTube video that has the creepy background music in the movie Barbarian. There is no doubt that is the music used in the movie - in fact, most of the comments on the video mention that it ...
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Why did this character kill himself?

At some point in the movie, AJ finds Frank, and gives him access to a revolver. Frank promptly gets the gun and shoots himself in the head. AJ was bragging on about leaving the place and getting cops ...
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How do prescription creature contact lenses prevent an actor from falling on the ground while running?

In an article about the movie Barbarian, it says the following: Before filming began last summer, he received advice from legendary creature performer Doug Jones, including the fine line between ...
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