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Why doesn't Hood shoot Chayton?

In Banshee Season 3, episode 5, "Tribal", Chayton and his Redbones stage a siege on the Banshee police station. Near the end of the battle: Lucas enters the Cadi to find Chayton holding Siobhan ...
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Real name of protagonist in Banshee?

In Banshee the protagonist takes over the name of the Sheriff Lucas Hood. I just watched the last episode and wondered if his real name was ever revealed? I added this picture (source) of the FBI ...
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What was it that Jobe couldn't put his finger on while watching the camp Genoa feed?

Before the camp Genoa job in Banshee, Job was watching the feed from the camp over and over, exclaiming that all seems same everyday but there is something he can't put his finger on. What was it ...
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Genre of Banshee

Does Banshee have a genre? To list some of the more wide and loose: Wikipedia: Action Drama, Crime Thriller IMDb: Action, Crime, Drama Rotten Tomatoes: Drama … For some reason it reminds me of a ...
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