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2 votes
2 answers

Question about the photographer at the beginning of Backdraft

Early on in the movie Backdraft, someone takes a picture of a young Brian McCaffery looking up at the explosion that killed his father; this picture ends up on the cover of LIFE magazine and is seen ...
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8 votes
0 answers

Was Ronald responsible for starting the fire that killed Dennis McCaffrey?

In Backdraft, the beginning of the film shows a firefighter (Dennis McCaffrey) killed while fighting a fire while his two young sons, Brian and Stephen witnessed it. Brian and Steven are now adults ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Did Kurt get close to the fire in Backdraft?

Kurt Russell had to, apparently, get up-close and personal with fire in Backdraft (1991)....but did he really? Special effects were pretty advanced back then so it's possible that clever camera ...
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