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What does Baa-ram-ewe actually do?

In Babe when Babe is in the Sheepherding Competition he is unable to talk to the Sheep who act....well how we see act. this results in Rex going to Farmer Hoggett's sheep and pleading them for help. ...
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What country is the movie Babe set in, in-universe?

The movie Babe, featuring a pig that wants to be a sheepdog, was filmed in New South Wales, Australia. However, my memory has failed me as to where it was supposed to be set in-universe. The farmer ...
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Why do the sheep in the movie "Babe" have a password?

In the movie "Babe", the pig protagonist learns a secret "password" ("Baa Ram Ewe... Baa Ram Ewe...") that enables him to gain the trust of some sheep in a sheep-dog competition. Ignoring for a ...
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