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Can a grenade cause rockets/missiles to explode?

In the third act of Avatar: The Way of Water: Is it really possible for a single grenade to make the rockets/aircraft explode?
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"Kabuki" in end credits of Avatar: The Way of Water

The end credits of Avatar: The Way of Water are split into different sections, and one of these sections is titled Kabuki. This surprises many Japanese viewers (1, 2) and me. What does this Kabuki ...
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How could Kiri control fish and plants in Avatar: The Way of Water?

She seems to have a way to interact with the world that others do not possess. She demonstrated this power in the movie in at least three ways: Using glowing fish as a flash light while seeking her ...
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Avatar TWoW subtitles

Maybe I had a unique experience of the film, e.g. an errant projectionist left the closed-captioning on. I am simply at a loss to otherwise understand why the music cues were spelled out along with ...
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