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2009 American epic science fiction film set in the mid-22nd century, when humans are mining a precious mineral called unobtanium on Pandora, a lush habitable moon of a gas giant in the Alpha Centauri star system.

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Is there a name for, or way to describe, the music used during the 'learning to fly' scene in Avatar?

I believe the non-diegetic music I'm referring to is the song Jake's First Flight, composed by James Horner. The scene during which it is played reflects Jake Sully's first unaided ikran flight (in ...
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Why is Jake using a regular wheelchair in the year 2154?

In the movie Avatar (2009), why is Jake using a regular wheelchair in the year 2154? Shouldn't exoskeletal leg braces (like the ones that Tony gave to Rhodes at the end of Captain America: Civil War) ...
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Were the Na'vi ordered to kill Avatars?

In Avatar, I don't understand why Neytiri was going to kill Jake. Considering this, Avatars regularly went on day time field trips They carried weapons b/c the wildlife was the main threat There was ...
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How can the machines built by Humans fire on Pandora? [duplicate]

I'm curious. In the movie Avatar, how can machines fire the weapons and cause explosion? Clearly, Oxygen is required to cause Fire/Flames. How is this possible in Pandora?
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Does anyone know how Jake Sully was able to bond with Leonopteryx?

In the Avatar movie, Jake was able to bond with the Great Leonopteryx. Does anyone know how is it possible?
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Keystone effect in high-budget movies [closed]

Avatar 3D has gigantic keystone effect throughout the whole film. See feature points for one frame: Obviously, it happened, because converged cameras were used. But none of modern movies that I ...
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Why does Eywa reject Grace's body to her avatar?

In Avatar Grace has a positive attitude and mindset towards the Navi people. Then why does Eywa reject her body to the avatar?
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Is Na'vi language from Avatar based on any known language?

The alien language, Na'vi, used in Avatar sounded extremely convincing and realistic. Was it based on any known language?
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Duration of day and night on Pandora

In Avatar, as Pandora itself is a moon orbiting around a planet, that in turn orbits around a star, does it (Pandora) have random number of hours in day and night? Is there any reference about it?
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Why are the Na'vi in Avatar blue in color?

In the movie Avatar (2009), why are all the Na'vi people blue in color?
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Why does Grace become a different character when using her avatar?

I have seen Avatar 2009 only once back in 2010. The one main thing that I noticed was the character played by Sigourney Weaver: Grace. The first time she meets the protagonist, she is hostile and ...
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How much time did the technical part (motion capture) of the film Avatar consume?

I heard it took 11 years for the technical development for Avatar. Is this true, or is the story development included in this calculation. Can anybody confirm how long it took for the motion capture ...
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How do the flying islands in Avatar stay in place?

I've watched movie "Avatar" few times. In my opinion it's one really good movie but every time I watch it I wonder how the hell that pieces of ground or "flying islands" can be in the air? Is there ...
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Why were the humans unable to breathe the air in Pandora?

It was observed again and again in the movie Avatar that humans could not breathe the air present in Pandora. So it can be assumed Oxygen was not present in Pandora. But again the human fires which ...
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Is there a higher authority than Parker in Avatar?

The whole war thing of Avatar was based on the human greed for unobtainium that is found in large scale on Pandora. Now Dr. Grace had a wonderful knowledge on the biological structure of Pandora. ...
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In Avatar, does Ninat refer to Ninet Tayeb, Israeli singer?

In the movie Avatar, Neytiri refers to "Ninat" as being the best singer, this sounds awfully similar to Ninet Tayeb, the first person to win on Israel's version of American Idol. (Supposingly, the "...
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