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What's it called when a character replies to something said in the previous scene?

Example: in Attack on Titan S4E28 (16 minutes and 45 seconds in) Eren tells Floch his plan and then we see a cut to Historia telling Eren that he shouldn't do it (in an entirely different place, ...
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What would happen if a male had the Female Titan power in 'Attack on Titans'?

Warning : This post contains spoilers for AoT season 2 So in season 2 of AoT we learn that : And So we know that women can be Titans and that anyone So my question is : If any female can become a ...
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When is Attack On Titan set?

Attack On Titan appears to use a mix of technology from different eras. The flying rigs and gear used by the military appear to be advanced technology, but they use cannons to defend the city against ...
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Was "Attack on Titan" influenced by Goya's painting and mythology?

I just started watching the series "Attack on Titan" and in the first episode I couldn't help but see the resemblance in one of the scenes to a famous painting by Francisco Goya called "Saturn ...
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