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The FX network animated comedy television show that centers on a group of secret agents in a private espionage agency, led by master spy, Sterling Archer, his mother and boss, Mallory, and a team of other spies and support staff.

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Is Archer's ringtone a real song outside the Archer universe?

In the early seasons (1-3?), Archer uses a song for his ringtone that is just awful enough to be real, but I have never heard it anywhere else. Another character has the same song as a ring tone but ...
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Is there a connection between Mallory Archer and Lucille Bluth?

While checking my emails I got one from EB Games showcasing iconic mums from gamea and pop culture to celebrate Mother's Day, characters like Leia Organa, Aunt May, Molly Weasely and Morticia Adams ...
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Which Church is Ray a member of? [closed]

In Archer S03E09, Ray's brother Randy says the following about Ray: Even though Ray used to be a preacher, he was never big on the Old Testament. Later in S05E11, Ray himself says the following: ...
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Why does Archer say "Balls" whenever someone says "Benoit"?

In series 2 of Archer in the episode where they go to Monaco, there is a hotel manager called Benoit. Whenever Benoit says his own name, or someone else says it, Archer immediately says "Balls". I ...
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Is the list of mishaps which happened to Archer in S4E9 correct?

In Season 4 Episode 9 (The Honeymooners) Archer says: Archer: Since I started working at ISIS I've been shot, stabbed, set on fire, poisoned, shot, sexually assaulted, partially chewed, shot and ...
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Did Archer Vice happen because of ISIS/ISIL?

In the first episode of Season 5 of Archer (Archer Vice) Leading to Was this a decision made by the production team to get away from the name "ISIS" due to the unfortunate connotations associated ...
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Did Archer cause the elevator to break?

In Archer S06E05, "Vision Quest", did Archer cause the elevator to break? I didn't quite understand what happened. Ray called Mallory using his cell phone and instead it called the elevator phone. ...
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When does the ISIS gang get slap-happy?

I watched the second half of Archer: Vice (Season 5), and across multiple episodes one ISIS employee would pelt another with a quick flurry of slaps punctuated by a final larger blow. It seems like ...
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Who is the "Floyd County" woman shown during the credits of Archer? [closed]

During the credits of many episodes of Archer, a photo of a middle-aged blonde woman leaning on a table, possibly at a bar or diner, is shown. The woman seems physically reminiscent of, but is not ...
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Why does cheryl change her name often?

In Archer season 1 why does Cheryl (shown below) change her name quite frequently? She goes by Carol, Carina, Crystal etc. in the first few episodes.
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Is kelp tape real?

In season 2 episode 7 of Archer, Rona Thorne suggests using a kelp tape cleansing technique. I was able to find some reference to kelp as a cleanser on the Google, but nothing mentioning 'tape' ...
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