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Aquaman (2018) is the first film about the title character in the DC Universe franchise of films. It stars Jason Momoa as Aquaman and is directed by James Wan.

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What was Aquaman's motivation for killing Black Manta's father?

In Aquaman, after Black Manta's father was dead, Black Manta gets revenge on Aquaman. At times I feel like Aquaman just killed Manta's father for the sake of it. So why did Aquaman kill Black Manta's ...
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How did Aquaman get his tattoos?

Simple question, how (physically) did Aquaman get his tattoos? Considering that, He is bullet proof Hardened steel can't penetrate his skin That he had his powers at an early age and his tattoos ...
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How did David's Knife hurt Arthur?

At the start when David Kane is fighting Arthur Curry on the sub David's father's crew went to steal we see that David's blades could not hurt Arthur. When Orm Marius goes to David to track down ...
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Why did Mera use Aquaman as source of water?

In the film Aquaman (2018), in order to unlock the holographic message in the cylinder, Mera used Aquaman as the source of water. Why did she not use her own body for water? Why did she say that ...
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Why are we shown the book "The Dunwich Horror" in the opening scenes of Aquaman?

In the opening scenes of the movie Aquaman, we are shown his father's apartment. On his coffee table is the H.P. Lovecraft book The Dunwich Horror. The camera comes close - we are meant to read the ...
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Why the soliders in Aquaman can't live without water but others can? [duplicate]

In the movie Aquaman, we saw that all those soldiers who came to attack both Aquaman and Mera, have water filled up in there suits. In one scene, when Mera broke one of the helmet of a soldier, he ...
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How did the submarine get past Atlantis's defenses?

When Mera brings Arthur (Aquaman) to Atlantis, she points out that there is only one entry/exit to the city. She adds that anyone who is stupid enough to go over the wall will be fired upon by the ...
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Why did Aquaman and Mera need a boat?

In Aquaman, after defeating Black Manta in Italy, Arthur and Mera use a boat to travel to the Missing Kingdom. Presumably, Mera uses her power of controlling the water to drive the boat as there is no ...
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Was the submarine attack genuine?

When King Orm (Patrick Wilson) goes to meet King Nereus (Dolph Lundgren) for the first time, they get attacked by a submarine. The submarine shoots torpedoes at them without provocation. It is then ...
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What are the rest of seven underwater kingdoms?

In Aquaman, it was said multiple times that there are seven underwater kingdoms in need to be united, and that was even used in early Aquaman posters: But in film I can only see Atlantis, Kingdom of ...
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What happened to Aquaman's suit?

The Aquaman movie happens after the events of Justice League. In Justice League we see Aquaman fighting with the others wearing some sort of a suit. Where did he get the suit? In Aquaman we don't see ...
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Did the Sea-Monster serve king Atlan?

In the movie Aquaman, Aquaman is attacked by a sea monster who says something like: "no one has conversed with me since king Atlan" and the monster calms down, later the monster fights with Aquaman (...
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Why do some Atlanteans need water breathing suits?

In the new Aquaman movie there are a number of scenes where Atlanteans are seen on land wearing suits filled with water so they can breathe​. In some of the fight sequences we even seen their suits ...
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Why did the pirate team not put on their re-breather units?

In Aquaman, When the Father/Son Pirate team thought they were going to drown, why didn't they put on their (scuba) re-breather units?
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Is Aquaman (2018) before or after Justice League (2017)?

I've seen just Aquaman trailers. I saw that this is the first time Arthur Curry came to Atlantis. Arthur and Mera first met too. In Justice League, Arthur came to Atlantis like he knew it before to ...
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