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American History X (1998) is an American drama film directed by Tony Kaye. It stars Edward Norton as Derek Vinyard and Edward Furlong as Danny Vinyard. After serving a sentence for voluntary manslaughter, Derek leaves prison a reformed neo-Nazi. He then tries to prevent his younger brother Danny from becoming a neo-Nazi himself. Norton received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in 1999 for his role.

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Why does Danny shed a tear?

Why does Danny shed a tear in American History X? This occurs after he remembers what his father was telling Derek. It's very moving because you see in the memory, Danny doesn't agree with what his ...
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How does Derek Vinyard get away with only a Manslaughter charge for the "Curb-Stomp"?

During the robbery scene at the beginning of American History X, when Derek attacks the men who are trying to steal (from) his truck, he performs the infamous "curb-stomp" on one of the robbers after ...
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What does X mean in American History X?

In the movie title American History X, what exactly does X represent? I could think of Roman numeral X (10) or generation x, however, I don't seem to fully understand the meaning.
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Why did American History X end so unexpectedly?

My understanding of how the story in movies proceeds is that the writer builds up the expectation of the audience and then concludes it appropriately. I did not see that in American History X. All ...
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Why did Danny get shot at the end of American History X?

How did the 'smoke in the face' incident lead to Danny getting shot? Is this really grounds to kill someone?
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Why stay in Los Angeles?

I always thought it was shocking at the end of American History X that Derek didn't leave Los Angeles and possibly take his family with him. I was under the impression that, after he got out of ...
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