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Why do many characters in American Gods pronounce Zorya as Zo-ra-yah

In American Gods, most of the characters pronounce the slavic name of Zorya (Vechernyaya/Utrenyaya) strangely. [S1E2, 36:59] Wednesday says Zo-ra-ya Vyo-chen-ya-ya [S1E2, 38:07] Zorya Vechernyaya ...
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What's the connection between Mr. Nancy and fried chicken?

In American Gods season 2 there was a scene where Nancy and Mr. Wednesday were both on a car, between them was a bucket of chicken which Nancy mutters to himself This m***f*** asks me if I want ...
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What is the significance of episode title's "The Secret of Spoons"?

American Gods S01E02 is titled "The Secret of Spoons" but what is the significance of that title. I don't remember anything secret being there in that episode. Is it some nod to the source material or ...
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Why did Mr.World need to involve the police?

In American Gods Season 1 Episode 05, Shadow and Wednesday are arrested in their motel room for robbing the bank in a previous episode. Later the detective explains how the police got their location: ...
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Why does Laura meet Thoth (A'an, Ibis)?

As per Egyptian mythology A'an, the god of equilibrium, who reported when the scales weighing the deceased's heart against the feather Laura meets Ibis for her final judgement after she died ...
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What's the Last Item on Shadows Shopping List?

In American Gods episode 2, the protagonist Shadow Moon is sent shopping by Mr. Wednesday. He is given a shopping list that is quite revealing, among other items we see in the episode, 'Ear Muffs' ...
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