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Questions tagged [altered-carbon]

2017 dystopian sci-fi cyberpunk Netflix series that takes place in the year 2384. In the series humans are able to transfer consciousness (using a device called stack) to new bodies (called sleeves). The story follows the mercenary Takeshi Kovacs investigating the murder of a wealthy man, Laurens Bancroft.

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What exactly is a "Meth" in Altered Carbon?

In Altered Carbon, almost all characters refer to the ultra wealthy, powerful & famous as "Meths". What exactly is a "Meth"?
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Why is "double-sleeving" a crime in Altered Carbon?

In Altered Carbon a person's mind (or "DHF") can be backed up and easily transmitted to a different body, and human bodies ("sleeves") are a commodity that can be cloned and occupied by any other ...
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Why didn't this character "real die" when they blew their stack out in Altered Carbon?

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. From what I understand, if someone "dies" and their stack is intact, they could be "spun back up". He not only killed himself but he also destroyed his stack, meaning it ...
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What is the importance of the dragon tattoo?

Soon after getting resleeved Takashi gets an infinity 8 dragon tattoo. This symbol is also shown in the intro to Altered Carbon. What is the importance of this symbol? What did it come from and ...
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What does 653 mean?

Throughout Altered Carbon 653 is mentioned quite a few times, but I never quite grasped what it was. What is 653?
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Are there Humainoid robots in Altered Carbon?

In the series Altered Carbon which takes place in the future, I see examples of perfect AIs (e.g. Poe), but I don't recall any humanoid robots of any kind to be seen in the first season. If there was ...
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Where do empty 'natural' Sleeves come from?

In Altered Carbon, Stacks are sometimes transferred to another Sleeve. Eg. The little girl who dies and can only afford and old woman sleeve. Other than convicts (who surrender their sleeve when ...
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What happened to Jaeger?

What happened to Jaeger who was after Tak in Altered Carbon? He was looking for Takeshi after Tak killed some CTAC officers and escaped with Rei. We can see Jaeger was there in the forest where they ...
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Why is it crazy expensive for a person to have their DHF backed up?

In S01E01 of Altered Carbon when Takeshi first speaks with Bancroft, it's explained that a full copy/backup of a person's DHF (stack) is extremely expensive; only for the super rich. BANCROFT: ...
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In Altered carbon S01E05, why does Ortega bother with taking Dimi's head outside the hotel?

Ortega grabs Dimi's head from Tak's room and carries it out into the rain, after wrapping it with a linen blanket to make it look less conspicuous. She ends up removing the stack from it in some alley,...
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4 votes
3 answers

What is Altered Carbon referring to?

Why is the Netflix Series Altered Carbon, named so? Its main concepts are immortality, "sleeves" and "stacks". In one episode, a character was saying that "we are just Altered Carbon". Why did they ...
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Who is the woman Tak is with at the very beginning of Ep1

At the very beginning of first episode of Altered Carbon, Takeshi Kovacs is in his birth body on Harlan's World. There is a woman with him and I've never figured out who she is. The things I've ...
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