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The 1992 animated Disney film about a man who comes to possess a genie's lamp and the three wishes that come with it.

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When and where does the Disney film "Aladdin" take place? [duplicate]

I don't know when and where the Disney film Aladdin takes place. I want a lot of good evidence and a clear location and time.
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Why would it count for Abu touching the gem when the cave was talking to Aladdin? [closed]

Abu and Aladdin enter the Cave of Wonders and it tells ALADDIN not to touch anything but the lamp (meaning don't touch anything with the intent to steal.)
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When the Genie turned Aladdin into "Prince Ali", what exactly did that entail?

In the 1992 animated Aladdin movie, Aladdin's first wish is "I wish for you to make me a prince!" This seems to entail: A new set of clothes Abu being turned into a monkey A parade that disappeared (...
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Did Genie actually grant any of Aladdin's wishes other than the one to set him free?

I recently watched an interesting youtube video which theorizes that Genie still owes Aladdin one wish, however as I was watching it I realized that it could in fact be argued that Genie never fully ...
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Why does Carpet act like he doesn't know Genie when they first meet?

In Disney's Aladdin, after Aladdin, Abu, and Carpet had just been trapped in the cave, Abu reveals that he stole the lamp back from Jafar. Aladdin tries to read an inscription on the lamp, and Carpet ...
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Why is Disney's Aladdin so poor despite company of the genie?

We all have enjoyed Disney's Aladdin cartoon series in our childhood. But I have this question unanswered since childhood about why Aladdin is so poor despite being master of the genie who can do ...
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Does the Genie trick Aladdin with the third wish?

In Disney’s movie Aladdin (1992), Aladdin tricks the Genie into getting him and Abu out of the cave where they are trapped. After that, Genie explains that from then on, only valid wishes will be ...
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Can Aladdin wish for unlimited wishes?

Okay I saw the Disney movie Aladdin today but my question is if the genie granted the boy unlimited rule free wishes. Could he wish for anything and whatever he wants? if it’s rule free unlimited ...
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What was on Aladdin's list?

I was rereading this great answer about the movie Aladdin when this quote from the script caught my eye: So what you wish I really want to know You got a wish that's three miles long, no doubt So all ...
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What does Genie babble in German?

When Genie turns into a submarine to save Aladdin, he "babbles something in German". Or atleast that's what a couple of the scripts say: http://...
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Why does Genie rewear the cuffs?

At the end of Disney's Aladdin, Aladdin frees Genie with his last wish, and the cuffs, that are presumably keeping Genie imprisoned, vanish. These cuffs are still not present when Genie leaves to see ...
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Is Agrabah in India?

Now, I do realize that the kingdom of Agrabah is a fictive place of unspecified size. However, if it is on a fictive Earth, then shouldn't it be set somewhere in the Thar Desert? Considering the ...
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Why does Genie still have his powers after he was freed?

The question what was bothering me for a long time. In Disney's "Aladdin" Genie told to Aladdin what price for his magic is being a slave of the lamp. OK, he got his freedom, his powers were seized, ...
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Aladdin ending explanation?

When Jafar becomes a genie at the end, he then suddenly drops back into the lamp and is trapped. What happened? And did the Genie get free because Aladdin wished it?
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Why did touching Carpet not collapse the cave?

In the Disney classic Aladdin (1992), Aladdin is warned not to touch anything except the lamp. But Both he and Apu touch the magic carpet, Carpet. Why was Carpet excluded from that rule?
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How much distance did the magic carpet ride cover?

How far did Aladdin and Jasmine travel on their magic carpet ride in Aladdin (1992)? We can suppose that Agrabah is really Baghdad. They pass by the pyramids and the sphinx, pass by some Greek-...
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Why is Aladdin's Genie not more clever?

I see a lot of movies or series involving wish granting beings that grant wishes in an unexpected manner. Why doesn't Genie do that too? I have a feeling that this will be answered away with "It's a ...
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Why did Jafar get Jasmine to believe him in Disney's Aladdin?

In the "Jafar's Hour" segment (the one in which he makes his two first wishes and sings his reprise of "Prince Ali") of Disney's Aladdin, Jafar uses his sorcerer powers to reverse Aladdin's clothes ...
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Why didn't Aladdin lend the lamp to Jasmine?

I watched Disney's Aladdin back in 1990's when I was a middle school student. At the last scene, Aladdin encountered a tough choice between (a) using his last wish to become a prince to marry Jasmine ...
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